Our little red trailer wasn't always red. Over the last 15 years it has been many things to many people and although it looks better now than it has ever looked, it’s now just a trailer.


In today’s society most kids never go outside, get dirty, or put down there phones.This little trailer has given so many kids the opportunity to experience the outdoors. How can a little open trailer do that? Well.

Life has a way of changing people. After a handful of tragedies, we were a family that was trying to recover. One evening, I sent my husband with my son screaming that he didn't want to go, to a Cub Scout meeting. Upon their return I found out my dearest Kevin, had signed not only our son up for scouts, but us as leaders. I, so wanted to be “the dump and go” parent for just once (we desperately needed a break). After a decade and a half we have finally transition out of scouts. I kinda miss all the kids.

We were part of a Cub Scout pack with no means of support. With a handful of parents and over 50 kids under 10, we had a blast. Then, they became Boy Scouts and the parent involvement really dwindled. We needed to merge with another troop.

People were very nice to our scout troops. I don’t remember where the little trailer came from, but it was given to my husband, so he could cart the scouts stuff around. Broken, with bald tires, no lights and no sides this piece of junk, sat in my yard. Every time we got a little money we fixed it up. Finally, one day it was in good enough shape for the boy scouts to make sides for it. So, 6 little boy scouts and a neighbor kid spent the entire day learning how to saw and bolt things together. They were so proud of what they built! To this day not all the sides line up correctly and it makes me smile each time I try to latch it.

The boys never got to use it much before they merged with another troop who had a “real trailer”, so my daughters Girl Scout troop (I was the leader) took over the trailer.

Our daughter wanted to be a Girl Scout and not the cut and paste type. Those little girls used that trailer for 10 years. It was their way of going “out and about”. Parent participation started to die, but never the girls enthusiasm. Many times I just wanted to quit being the Girl Scout leader (I could have time, for ME!), but how can I deprive these great girls the opportunity to be themselves. This was an eclectic group and none of them went to the same school. Had these girls gone to the same school I can guarantee you, they would not be friends. In all those years of Girl Scouts, I never heard them once argue or yell at each other.


That’s what made them fun, and everything we did fun, even when things went horribly wrong.

We went everywhere with that trailer. That little old trailer bounced down more dirt roads, than I can even remember. It’s been filled with sleeping bags and tents, bikes, hundreds of pound of mistletoe, canoes and so much more.


It was even revamped into a kayak/canoe trailer for a while. It’s lived a great life.

The girls are all 19 now. They still get together and talk more like sisters than friends, but the trailer sits all alone in my yard, very pristine waiting for it’s next great adventure.


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