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How many times have I spent the witching hour surfing the cable in search of a Taxicab Confessions rerun or a new Ron Popeil infomercial, only to find an endless stream of half-hour ads for product I have zero use for, sporting events, and religious nut-jobs using the Bible as a shield?

Were it up to me, cable would only offer three channels: Turner Classic Movies (for obvious reasons), the Game Show Network (home of Match Game reruns), and Honey Boo Boo's scholarly-sounding outlet, The Learning Channel.

He wasn't much of a presidential contender, but Arizona Senator, and supreme advocate of cable reform, John McCain has the right consumer-friendly idea when it come to subscription TV: Cable à la Carte. McCain is proposing the TV Consumer Freedom Act of 2013, legislation that would allow viewers to pick and choose a package of subscription channels they desire.

Just because I love watching cartoons on the Disney Channel doesn't mean that enjoy being forced to drop dough on ESPN, a company that Disney owns 80% of. Instead of forcing unwanted channels down viewers' throats, cable and satellite providers would ask subscribers to whittle down a list of say 75 favorites from the hundreds of channels available.

This is not the first time that McCain suggested the idea of Cable à la Carte. Similar legislation was shot down in 2006.

Click to read more about McCain's proposal at Deadline Hollywood.

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