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NEESON is lying in hospital bed, wearing a huge diaper-bandage. He is approached by CIA Operative RUSSELL CROWE.

CROWE: How do you feel?

NEESON: Like someone kicked me in the...hey, wait a second!

CROWE: Settle down. I know how you're feeling right now. We felt the same way when Snowden went public. But there's still a chance.

NEESON: All I care about are my boys. How long do I have?

CROWE: Around 24 hours. After that, a reunion will be...out of the question.

NEESON: Are you serious?

CROWE: I'm not just busting your balls.

NEESON: My particular set of skills aren't going to be of much use to Lenore if I don't succeed.

CROWE: Quit whining and sack up. We've got one lead. We intercepted an email from the Rocky Mountain Oyster Delivery Company to a Francois Balzac. It mentioned a payload delivery system.

A single tear runs down NEESON's craggy cheek.


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