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Okay, for starters, Scott was unable to complete his viewing of The Painting (trailer above) due to technical difficulties. (And no, I do not mean to suggest that one of his cyborg eyes shorted out, resulting in a lack of depth perception that caused him to find some of the mise en scene confusing, why would you even ask that, of course Scott is not a cyborg.) But he liked what he saw before things went kablooey! Sort of The Mill and the Cross for the younger set, complete with questions about a distant God!

MOVING ON: I liked Joss Whedon's modern-day Much Ado About Nothing, set in Casa Whedon. I even liked talking to him about it. You might even enjoy reading about me talking to him about it! Because Shakespeare!

Scott was willing to grant Monsters University some points for creature design. I don't know if I'd even give it that. On the plus side, I'm kind of happy I got to live through the cinematic golden age that was Pixar. A pity that it seems to be over.

I wanted to like The Bling Ring. Just like I want to like Emma Watson as an actress. Alas. Not much more to say, because there wasn't much more there to say anything about.

Are you feeling anxious about the state of the world today? Do you sometimes find yourself thinking that something is going to snap and send everything into a state of nightmarish carnage and death? Do you wish that a handsome man would come and fix everything? Hi there, Brad Pitt in World War Z! As Scott notes, it starts really strong. (Though it does borrow from the asthma attack in Signs in order to establish Pitt's superdad bona fides.)

Dirty Wars is about dirty wars. Doesn't anybody like the government any more? I mean, when Tom Cruise does covert military work in Mission: Impossible, everybody cheers!

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