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I know, I know - there isn't much point to listing anything besides Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, is there? I mean, you're all going to go to that one, right? And we don't even have a review yet! Sigh. The continuing crisis.

On top of that, those of you who aren't into Jeremy Renner's upper arms and the prospect of sweet, sweet steampunk crossbow action will no doubt be tottering off to Movie 43, because you heard you get to see Hugh Jackman's testicles. Surprise! They're coming out of his neck! Ha ha! Comedy gold. And no, we don't have a review for that one, either.

What did we review? Well, West of Memphis, a long documentary about murdered kids, wrongfully convicted teens, and justice gone horribly awry in the deep South. Pass the popcorn!

Oh, and 56 Up, which has been tracking a bunch of kids since they were seven. Now they're 56. Hence the title. Scott liked it!

Aaaaaand Dustin Hoffman's directorial debut. (Just when you thought there was no way for him to top Meet the Fockers.) Scott did not like it. But then, Scott's never cared much for opera.

And me? I saw Parker. It was, as I note, a film of modest ambition that did not overreach.

January is a hard month for movies.

Image: It's funny because they can't read.

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