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I can understand Ray Liotta needing the work, but what is Marty doing acting in a low budget sci-fi picture with Jesse McCartney? Is his youngest daughter, Francesca Scorsese, that big a fan of Dream Street that she called in a favor?

Turns out it was a figlia from another marriage. Yahoo! Movies credits "an intriguing script and premise" and "a hard-working, gregarious production team and casting agent" for Scorsese and Liotta’s involvement in Campus Life. Oh, yeah. Don't forget the line about "and help from Scorsese’s daughter Catherine, who was initially involved with the project."

Cathy Scorsese is the daughter of Martin Scorsese and first wife Laraine Marie Brennan, granddaughter of Charles and Catherine Scorsese, and half sister of Domenica Cameron-Scorsese and Francesca Scorsese. What her initial involvement with Campus Life was and why her name doesn't appear on the complete list of IMDB credits remains unknown.

According to the trailer, Liotta plays a bartender. Marty, appearing through the courtesy of Selznick International Pictures, is cast in the small, but integral, role of a sawbones.


Dad hasn't exactly been quick to usher his daughter into the family business. She worked as an assistant property manager on Casino, The Aviator, The Departed, and Shutter Island. What's with this assistant shit? She's your daughter named after your santa madre. That means something, Marty. At least make her a full out property manager.

The film is being presented in JumpView, a new process billed as, "a completely unique way to experience TV and film." The gimmick allows you to follow whatever characters you want in whichever sequence you like through whatever storylines there are. Huh? Personally, I wasn't crazy about this audience participation stuff when they called it Clue.

Writer, director Kenneth M. Waddell and co-screenwriter Michael Simon want to use Campus Life as a way to draw attention to JumpView. “We still haven’t tapped the newness and the greatness of the cloud and me-centric way of viewing things,” Waddell told Yahoo! Movies. “That was the inspiration for creating JumpView so it could be a me-centric, user-driven experience.”

Cinema as audience participation video game. And Marty's drinking the Kool Aid. Let's pray this virus can be contained to a laptop and that it doesn't spread to a theatre near you.

Photo credit: Jesse McCartney on WhoSay with Marty and Cathy Scorsese.

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