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Some directors deserve the utmost respect. Even if a screener of the latest Carlos Saura film appeared in my mailbox, I'd still wait and watch it on a big screen.

The wait is over. Flamenco, Flamenco, a stunning study of dance from one of the world's most acclaimed directors, will close the San Diego Latino Film Festival's Cinema en tu Idioma series. The film runs exclusively for one week at UltraStar Mission Valley Cinemas at Hazard Center (off 163 Freeway & Friars Rd.). There will be Flamenco performances opening weekend only in the theater lobby starting at 7:30pm each night! Danzarts appears on Friday evening while Flamenco Sur brings down the lobby on Saturday. Click for more information.

MoPA plays host to the second annual German Current Film Festival. Here is a quick rundown of the four-film fest.

At the multiplexes is the dreadful sequel Taken 2, or as I like to call it, Taken 2 the Cleaners. Rent the original instead.

After spending 90 sleep-filled minutes at the Hotel Transylvania, Matt was good enough to cover this Halloween's other animated offering, Tim Burton's Frankenweenie. He likes it!

A young Midwestern girl with a talent for butter-sculpting enters a local contest in the satire, Butter. The film -- starring Jennifer Garner, Ty Burrell, and Olivia Wilde -- opens today exclusively at Reading Cinemas Gaslamp and Town Square. It wasn't screened in advance, so I'll see it this weekend and report back.

With three months and plenty of bad movies left to unravel, we are still unlikely to see anything worse in 2012 than this sack of pus squeezed from the acne-ravaged butt cheeks of ten fanboy directors. The Turin Horse and This is Not a Film don't receive theatrical bookings in San Diego yet Comic-Con approved dung like V/H/S gets a week at the Ken. Live in it!

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