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Whoa...what day is it? No, seriously. I seem to have fallen into some kind of wormhole. My first effort this week is for a film that opened last Friday: Chernobyl Diaries. Not that you're missing much. But if you do see it, ask yourself: how much better would this film have been if they had kept Uri around?

After that, I must have tripped and fallen forward in time, because I wound up covering not one but two films that won't open until later. First, the wondrous I Wish, which doesn't show up until June 8: "I wish there were more films like I Wish... Films that deal in moral tragedy without making a monster of anyone involved and do it with such deftness that the ordinary joy of life, the joy that persists despite tragedy, is not obscured..."

And then, the solemn-comic lady-fable Where Do We Go Now?, also delayed until June 8: "What follows is not in any way a meditation on religious tolerance. It’s a battle of the sexes, one that manages to be both whimsical and deadly serious. (Like sex.) So you get a scene in which matronly women debate the wisdom of bringing in strippers as a distraction giving way to a scene of a grieving mother screaming at a statue of the Virgin, 'Give me back my son!'"

My sincerest apologies for the time-slip. In the meantime, maybe go see A Cat in Paris? "So why animate this caper? Some promising early possibilities are Nico’s undulating fluidity as he slips along unnoticed on his nocturnal missions or the skewed perspective and hand-colored look of the pastel Paris cityscape. Even better later developments: Mom’s vision of her gangster nemesis as a scarlet octopus and a rescue carried out in utter darkness, the figures rendered as white lines on a black screen. Finally, in a Francophilic nod to Pepé Le Pew’s notorious tendrils of skunky stench, a whiff of pungent perfume plays a key role in the proceedings..."


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