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We'll have a review of the angsty teen drama Chronicle up in a little bit, but in the meantime, remember James Dean?


It's okay if you don't. Dude only made like three movies, and two of 'em were angsty teen dramas from the '50s.

But even though no one remembers him now, he did have a certain look, a look Hollywood has been chasing ever since. River Phoenix might have had it, but he went and died young, just like Dean. DiCaprio may have had it, but then he went and became Scorsese's manly Muse.

Edward Furlong was supposed to have had it (remember Terminator 2?) but...who knows? Now here comes Dane DeHaan in Chronicle, playing a very 21st-century Rebel Without a Cause...


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LeeRaskin Feb. 6, 2012 @ 7:25 a.m.

'But even though no one knows him (James Dean) now.' says Matthew,(the writer). What a difference 48 hrs can make! During Madonna's SB half time appearance -- the image of James Dean flashed across the stage. Over 115 million viewers definitely know who JD is now! James Dean grew up 60 miles north of Indianapolis in Fairmount. Each year to commemorate JD's death (9-30-55) over 10 thousand visitors and fans come to Fairmount during the James Dean Festival days. James Dean ranks behind Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe as the highest grossing deceased stars in retail sales of memorabilia - in the tens of $ millions. What can Matthew say to that - other than he's way outta touch in his blog. James Dean Lives On! Lee Raskin, author James Dean At Speed, Amazon.Com


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