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The Hobbit is out. I saw it twice - once in High Frame Rate 3D and once in regular 3D. The first made everything look awful - the people looked like weird ordinary folk in heavy makeup instead of characters, the monsters looked like they were made of foam rubber, and the light came from everywhere and nowhere, like some nightmare Thomas Kinkade painting. The second just made everything look dark and dismal. Every now and then, I would take the glasses off, and I actually enjoyed the images more, blurry as they were. What I'm saying is, if you're gonna see it, see it in 2D. You'll save money and maybe enjoy it more. Which is not to say that it's great.

Hyde Park on Hudson will hopefully placate your desire for big-screen in-car handjobs until On the Road comes out next year. And it will maybe cure you of your hopeless crush on Bill Murray?

Deadfall should have been better, really. Kris Kristofferson! Snow! Crime! Plus, some people think Olivia Wilde is pretty.

You know what? There are still a few days left to see Dragon. Scott thought it was really good.

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