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The 2nd Annual Horrible Imaginings Film Festival is screening Georges Franju's supremely unsettling Les yeux sans visage (Eyes Without a Face) at 11 pm on Saturday, November 5th. Mark your calendar. Trust me. There is no better way to spend your time.

A brilliant plastic surgeon (Pierre Brasseur) turns serial killer after a car accident he was responsible for leaves his daughter permanently disfigured. The distinguished doc brings the young victims back to his dungeon (complete with bellowing Great Danes) for a quick facial peel in hopes of finding his daughter a replacement mug. Hidden behind a porcelain mask, Edith Scob turns in one of the most poetic, touching, and genuinely creepy performances in the history of horror films.

When it comes to giving you a good case of the willies, Face is right up there with Repulsion, Rosemary's Baby, the original Halloween, the original The Hitcher, the original Invaders from Mars (I was six when a TV airing first hooked me and to this day the film gives me nightmares), and those goddamned flying monkeys in The Wizard of Oz.

This year's HI spans two nights -- Friday and Saturday, November 4th and 5th -- and will be held at The 10th Avenue Theatre and Arts Centre located at 930 10th Avenue in downtown San Diego. Twenty-five short films, two animated shorts, two music videos and four features will be screened.


I am at a bit of a loss. Many of the shorts are making their San Diego premier, so I am able to vouch for just one other film on the docket, Ishiro Honda's Gojira (aka Godzilla minus Raymond Burr). Face seems an odd fit in this company. As Jonathan Rosenbaum points out, "It's much too elegant to warrant the usual 'psychotronic' treatment." Kudos to festival creator Miguel Rodriguez for knowing how to close his show with style, and a few legitimate chills.


"You don't think HI's Haunted Art Gallery is scary, kids?

Below is a complete list of films to be screened. For more details, visit http://www.hifilmfest.com and http://www.monsterislandresort.org!

Friday, November 4th, 2011

6:00: Shadows (9 mins) Dir: Brian Wolford

6:09: Demon Possessed Wife 4 mins Dir: Dan Ochs

6:13: Juan Con Miedo (11mins) Dir: Daniel Romero

6:24: Road Rage (10 mins) Dir: Barbara Stepansky

6:34: JustUs (6mins) Dir: Lori Bowen

6:40: Edgewood Drive (20 mins) Dir: Mando Franco

7:00: Scrutinize (5mins) Dir: Brenda and Elisabeth Fies

7:20: Star Beast (4 mins) Dir: Bob Rose

7:25: Late Bloomer (13 mins) Dir: Craig Macneill

7:38: Fabrica De Munecas (11 mins) Dir: Ainhoa Menéndez

7:49: The Familiar (22 mins) Dir: Kody Zimmermann

8:11: Billy Bob’s Zombie Emporium (4 mins) Dir: Kevin Perkins

8:15: Giant Rubber Monster Movie (15 mins) Dir: Thomas Berdinski

9:30: Sophia Segal Video Bypass (7 mins) Dir: Sophia Segal

9:37 Blenderstein (3 mins) Dir: Zach Bellissimo

9:40 Gojira (96 mins) Dir: Ishiro Honda

11:20: The Taint (late night NC-17 only 67 mins) Dir: Drew Bolduc and Dan Nelson

Saturday, November 5th, 2011

5:00: Show Me (13 mins) Dir: Dan Schneider

5:13: Scream Machine (15 mins) Dir: Julia Camara

5:28: Doppelganger (6 mins) Dir: Drew Daywalt

5:34: METH (25 mins) Dir: Michael Maney

6:00: 12/15/1996 (11 mins) Dir: Mae Catt

6:11: Doll Parts (10 mins) Dir: Karen Lam

6:21: My Undeadly (4 mins) Dir: Dave Reda

6:40: Mac & Cheese (3 mins) Dir: Gijs van Kooten

6:45: Long Pigs (87 mins) Dir: Chris Power and Nathan Hynes

9:15 AXED (38 mins): Dir: Joshua Long

9:53: Survivlismo (9 mins) Dir: José Pedro Lopes

10:02: Omega Shell (15 mins) Dir: Aaron Soto

10:18: Candy (9 mins) Dir: Mark Bessenger

10:27: The Many Doors of Albert Whale (6 mins) Dir: Marichelle Daywalt

10:50: Shantelle Video Unamonos (7 mins) Dir: Aaron Soto

11:00: Eyes Without a Face (1959/90 mins) Dir: Georges Franju

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