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My Friend Pauline

With a heart as big as the sky, You lit up the heavens. Leaving us earthbound, Holding our memories, While ...

Black Holes of Escondido

At night they become invisible. Especially in the rain, at night. Waiting. Just sitting there, waiting. A gravitational time dilation: ...

SDG&E Serves Up a Shut Off

Today’s menu special was served up by SDG&E. It is a taste of the future. A taste of SHUT OFF. ...

That Holiday Was Just Another Turkey

Cleverly concealed in this week's junk mail and holiday catalogs was "Tips to Ease Holiday Stress" from one of my ...


The acorn woodpeckers are working the oak grove with more energy than a politician at a campaign rally. Well. it ...

Urban Ambience

Waiting in line at the Valley Center library, the gentleman in front of me was checking out books on Amsterdam, ...

Unrequited Love

Summer is the season of the dragonfly. Also the water skimmer and the damsel fly. The chorus of tree frogs ...

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