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This is, basically, a public service announcement, involving cell phones. Those of you who read my blogs are aware of the recent 'surprise' on my Verizon bill regarding the term "Toll-Free". It is not. I have requested the FCC, PUC, Consumer Advocates, to require the companies using toll-free nmbers to include a disclaimer in their robotic opening salvo: "this call may not be toll-free if you are using a cell phone." OR: "this call is only toll free if you are using a landline".

Are any of you being bombarded by e-mails from CREDO mobile? This just started recently and they are making incredible claims, I believe they are bordering on false advertising (but they do include fine print!). I decided to read the fantastic offer:
"RE: Lower your phone bill -- and put it to work for social change."

"..just a reminder that our special offer expires this Thursday, May 6 — and with special offer code 301009, you'll get 25% off your monthly fee for 12 months. Click here to find out more, or call us at 866.513.8670 with any questions. Thanks! — Michael"

I sent an e-mail to Michael:

I may be one of a handful of people who would end up paying more for this "deal". I do have a Verizon account & most of my calls are to other Verizon users (that makes them free).

"Contract buyout, choice of phones and 25% off your monthly fee for 12 months.*"

Since the above statement sounds too good to be true, I assume it is. First, is this a NEW phone (not reconditioned)? How does the contract buyout work? Do you eliminate the $44.99 monthly fee? Does this include any contract or is there a limit? Then you say 25% off the monthly fee for 12 months. Of course there is the fine print. Then what? Well, here is where you come close to an actual lie. The 25% applies to 'voice' charges only. I would urge ALL potential customers to look at their current bills. Voice charges are minimal. There is no fee for the contract itself so you are not "buying" out anything, right? Without the contract, who fixes the phone if there is a problem?

You tout $69.99/month for unlimited calling, that is a $25 INCREASE for me. So, I am not impressed by your offer. Unless people do their homework, some will be 'taken for a ride' by your deals. For instance, you "buy out" the customers' current contract just to be replaced by your own 2 year contract. Talk about sleight of hand. The Verizon contract cancellation fee is $175 (for most plans). Does that become a credit with CREDO?

To say I am WAY underimpressed, would be an understatement. I suppose your partial truths keep this from being false advertising, but your semantics are very close to lies.

Since I just had a very bad experience with TOLL-FREE numbers, I am trying to get FCC, PUC, anyone who will listen to require ALL cell phone contracts to include specific language to advise toll-free is ONLY toll-free when using a landline. Are you willing to do so?

That's my opinion,

<p>[email protected]>

From: Michael Kieschnick, CREDO Mobile Sent: Tuesday, May 04, 2010 9:29 AM

So long

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