Another movie: "The Day The Earth Stood Still". This is a remake that has few similarities to the original (1951). Keanu Reeves is the alien (from outer space, not Mexico) and Jennifer Connelly is the scientist who befriends him. Kathy Bates is excellent in her role as the Secretary of Defense. It is an interesting story pitting the defense/military against the scientific communities. The movie moves along and takes a few twists & turns, with Ms. Connelly's step son playing an important part. Keanu is good enough that one can believe he's an alien with a specific mission for the earthlings: straighten up your act and get the planet back to a sustainable environment (stop destroying resources), or the coalition of other planets will have to destroy the people to save the planet earth. That is the message of the new incarnation of this movie. Wake Up and take care of the natural resources or face extinction.

Just for fun, check out Wikipedia to read about the original movie made in 1951. It is considered to be a classic. ""

The movie industry is doing its part to promote the message of saving Mother Earth while being criticized for their sometimes wasteful, unnecessary practices used in making the films. Talk about a Catch 22.

Then there is Earth Day. It is an annual celebration of all sorts of activities being promoted to fix the problems and stop the wastefulness. I particularly love the part where hundreds of people are in their cars, sitting in traffic, spewing emissions, to get to Balboa Park where they tout renewable energy and use of public transportation. What a dichotomy.

San Diego has a good public transportation system. I am able to get where I want to go, by trolley or bus, for a reasonable price. It has been over 5 years since I drove a car. The populace really does need to wake up and understand the importance of conservation. The complaints I have heard about the bus system is that they are often late. If one plans their time accordingly, this is a rare occurrence. The trolleys are quite reliable, run a tight schedule and can accomodate a lot of people. The service areas are those well traveled and accomodate those attending events at Qualcomm & Petco. Give it a chance. It is also good for the blood pressure that takes a beating on the freeway system! Calm down, leave the gasmobile at home and try public transportation for a month.

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