This is a story I heard recently. I cannot vouch for its veracity but I certainly can relate to it. I also want to advise that I am getting my Christmas tree this week & I hope to find one that does not wrestle with me. Now on with the story.

Cyndy had a very restless night, intermittent sleep & awakened somewhat groggy! Then there was an afternoon doctor appointment. She arrived home, checked her email & then headed for the kitchen. More cookie dough to make for the holidays. First there were 2 pumpkin pies to make for a friend. There is always enough pumpkin to put in a baking dish, for a nice pudding like snack. Upon taking the pies out of the oven, dear Cyndy managed to spill the the dish (pies were fine). That hot pumpkin splattered all over, with a large glob on her right foot. Sticky pumpkin right from the oven, burning her foot. She pulled off her sock as fast as possible and headed for cold water in the bathroom. So, she not only did not get her snack but ended up with a sore foot, orange pumpkin on the kitchen rug, floor, & cabinets. What a mess. What a clean-up!

Cyndy could not face the mess in the kitchen. She decided it was naptime. She crawled into bed around 5PM and awakened a little before 7PM. Upon getting up, her brain however, thought it was 7 AM. It did not dawn on her that it should be light outside. She checked her voicemail & had a message from a friend who starts work at 7AM. She called 3 times between 7:15 & 7:45, never leaving a message! Still feeling a little groggy, her brain finally awakened to the fact that it was still Tuesday evening. She had not slept for 14 hours, but only 2!! Weird.

Back to life in San Diego. Following the rock throwing incident that shattered my neighbor's window, the police have apparently convinced the homeless to sleep elsewhere. Plus, the winter shelter opened which is beneficial for the safety and welfare of the homeless. The good news is that the police did arrest the rock throwing culprit. Now, the question is, what is happeneing to the plans for a permanent shelter? WE THE PEOPLE cannot allow our City Council to set this aside again. Action must be taken to do help alleviate this problem. Homelessness has been an issue in San Diego for quite some time. It is MUCH worse due to a poor economy and our good weather. We need to keep this issue in the forefront of our elected representatives minds. This year proved that America's once Finest City was completely unprepared for the incresased numbers of homeless.

BUT, CCDC is spending $160,000. on a feasibility study to see if the Chargers could/should move downtown. That is complete irresponsibility, in my opinion. That $$$$ could certainly have been put to better use. Please do not try to explain budgetary allocations. Move it. It is nuts/crazy/ridiculous/amazing that one City can spend so much money on STUDIES.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.

So long

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