We lost the space shuttle, we lost the hubble, we lost the Mars mission and now we will not be on the moon by 2020. The internet can not recieve text, vidio and music in synchronous a lot of the time. The third world countries seem to be doing better in new technology than we Americans do. It appears the militarism economy has topped out and the U.S. will be run like a third World slave camp too, in poverty and homeless camps. A story on L'Oreal- The company was founded by Eugene Schueller (1881-1957)who was the son of a banker of Alsatian origins. The present heiress Liliane Bettencourt who is the daughter of Eugene Schueller. Her daughter Francoise Bettencourt Meyers has questioned her mothers mental actions lately with her money deals with the French government and a tax-free island off France. Andre' Bettencourt is the richest man in France. A short foot note on Alsatia and some of it's background. It may be a White Friar section of London founded in the 17th century or the Rhenish province, a disputed area of France and Germany. The White friars were the order of Brothers of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mt. Carmel. Mt. Carmel is in Israel and Eugene Schueller was jewish and worked with Germany in the 30s and 40s. The Carmelites were beggers of the middle ages, founded on Mt. Carmel in Palestine and under the written rule of St. Albert, latin patriach of Jerusalem and approved by pope Honorius III. The monks wanted to be like Elijah. In 1562 St. Treasa's area of Avila became a separate province by papal act. This sounds like san Diego and the seniors.You might want to look up Queen Victoria and Prussian Freerick William, William I and Otto von Bismark and William II. Don't forget the corporate pirates of D.C. and the dirivative market with some $800E12 and recently GM and Bettencourt Banking with D.C. public debt IPOs.


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