For people worried about-under water oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico. There is a story for you. I found 27,000 wells under the Gulf that could also leak at any given time. Ref: The San Diego Union-Tribune, 7/07/2010 page A7 How good is a government job?. Ref: USA Today, 7/07/2010 page 9A Remember Manuel Noriega?. He say's he worked for the CIA in the 1980s and that the U.S. turned against him and put him in a Federal prison where he has been for the last 20 years. I remember him saying that he liked it better in Federal jail then in Central America back in the 80s. Now he has been sent to France to be tried for drug sales that he and his wife used to buy homes with in Paris. He now has another 8 years for this. No word from his wife and his homes that he bought with the drug money!. Ref: France 24, 7/07/2010


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