Well I see it will cost us $150E9 to put a man back on the Moon, but only $450E6 to put a humaniod robot there. I wonder where the extra cost comes in?. The robot will need to be taken care of, where as the human can feed for it's self. Both will need food and energy or maybe the human will get a pension and need to be brought back to get it and the humaniod can just be let homeless. You don't need much to figure this out, just look out in the street. NASA's Messenger will pull into orbit around Mercury on March 18th after the 6 1/2 year trip to the planet. I see the Marine Environmental scientests want us to start eating Lionfish. Jesus and his fishermen from the Red Sea seem to have released the fish here in the U.S. waters to feed the flocks. Each female can produce some 30,000 eggs per spawning, every four days, for an annual output of 2E6 per female per year. That's quite a school of followers for the son of God. A good solar event on Monday with the Lunar eclipse at 9:29 PM thru 2:01 Am on Tuesday morning. ReF: The San Diego Union-Tribune, 12/13/10 Section E On how to destroy your culture and country. If you create super wealthy people that become mind-set that they can control the local population and at end control the local government and able to run the state and control the Federal government by democracy methods. Be the first one in and create a business that everyone needs and only you can provide. Examples, build electronic equipment such as phones, radios, internet service, computer software. Use your money to build management and business schools at the local University and child developement schools. Control the economy and put everyone else out of business and/or make them work for a low income federally subsistence economy, and control the land, property and means to be only like you. People that resist must be broken by poverty and/or family breakdown methods to force them into religious controlled subsistence communes, or take them out by under-ground gangs in the streets that everyone refuses to see. The last and most important thing is to create a non-profit network to control all the money into the local controlled population and have them draw wealth from the whole until it breakes down and the local economy and government and takes over the whole. Tell the local population that they are too old and that you will take care of them in the communes.Then have your children take their jobs, declare yourself King and watch your childern bring in slaves to do the work and move on to control the rest of the World with a global trade network.


a2zresource Dec. 14, 2010 @ 3:28 p.m.

RE "On how to destroy your culture and country... and move on to control the rest of the World with a global trade network":

As we learn more about the guiding principles of the New Majority, every day...


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