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So maybe 2010 wasn’t the best year for you and the other 15.1 million people looking for a job. You’ll probably be spending New Year’s Eve alone and shouting, “Good Riddance,” when the clock strikes midnight, but you need to let it go. Put 2010 and the worst economic outlook since the days of disco behind you and adopt a new attitude for your 2011 job hunt.

Forget New Year’s resolutions; you need to take this time to boost your personal power and confidence so that you’re prepared for the economy which many forecasters predict will start looking brighter by next summer. Maybe you let 2010 beat you down, but now is your chance to kick off the New Year by taking control of 2011 and not letting go until you find your dream job. Get out of those sweats and be the responsible, powerful person you know you are. Stop sitting on the couch and yelling at the newscasters. Stop blaming your unemployment on politicians. Start looking for work again with a positive outlook. Stay off Facebook long enough to become educated and informed about your industry. Suck it up and consider relocating for a great job. It’s time to acknowledge your actions and be responsible for what you think, say and do. To be responsible requires courage and strength. Power arises from courage and shows up as confidence. When you own your actions, you own confidence. You feel sure of yourself, even if you screw up. Sure, some circumstances you can’t control, like the crappy economy, but the ability to distinguish what you can be responsible for gives you access to trusting yourself and your future. So take back your life in 2011 by waking up from your job-loss coma and come back to life.

You can start by putting down the fast food and vodka. Eating well is more important now than ever. Specific foods you eat can affect your mood and brain chemistry. If you can’t afford to shop at fancy health food stores right now, look for fresh fruit and vegetables at your local Farmer’s Market. Some health food stores and co-ops sell organically grown produce at reasonable prices. Eat nuts and grains which provide protein, essential fats, and B vitamins to nourish your brain and nervous system. Stay away from the soda, fast food, and copious amounts of caffeine and booze. For more information about foods and nutrients that improve your mood, visit Moodcure.com. Get some decent rest, even if you’re not waking up to leave for work in the morning. Make sure you go to bed at the same time every night as if you were still working, and wake up at the same time each morning. Why? Because you have a job to do! You are now employed full time at the tasks of job-seeking, skills training, and professional networking.

Don’t let yourself go because your company let you go. Take advantage of your time to exercise, not only for being a happier person but to look better. Jump back into the job market feeling comfortable in your own skin. Again &mdash get out of your sweatpants &mdash it’s time to dress like a grown-up.

If you can handle the payments, keep the gym membership. Belonging to a gym gives you a reason to go out everyday, a place to watch the news if your cable has been turned off, and a place to shower if you didn’t pay the water bill. You can also see your friends, not to mention stay in shape. Yoga classes are perfect for stress, and if you can’t spring for classes, buy a yoga DVD. Walk to the park and practice Tai Chi with other people, or join a biking club to get the blood pumping. Whatever it takes to get you moving, do it! It’s essential to breathe right now and get the oxygen flowing to your brain so you can think clearly about your situation and prepare for opportunities.

If you can, keep getting haircuts. For those of you who color your hair to stay younger looking, keep that grey touched up, just not at the five star salons where a cut and color is the same price as a plane ticket to Paris. Check out places like Super Cuts, Fantastic Sam’s, and especially your local cosmetology school. Here’s a little secret; if the students mess up your hair the instructor usually fixes it for free. Until your life gets back on track, it’s important to resist the temptation to completely ignore your body and soul in the name of penny-pinching. What you will save on gym fees and salon costs will go to medicine and doctor’s bills if you don’t feel good about yourself during this stressful time.

This is your chance to figure out what’s important for you in the New Year. The climate is perfect for creative ideas and making connections. Businesses are open to trying new approaches now that they’re feeling the pinch of what isn’t working and what isn’t selling. Just keep reminding yourself that you’re not alone, keep up your friendships and you’ll find a new career and a life you love in 2011.

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