1. Earth attacks the Moon !. Why would they? Mayor Sanders and Governor Arnald Schwarzenegger want more water, of course. note: I am a republican too !. Maby Arnald should look at health care in Little Falls,MN as it is more American then that being proposed in California. Judy can help you with that. Daniel Andrews with the $79E6 project has set the target suggested as the wettest spots on the moon. The impact will be , Friday at 7:30 am ET. The booster rocket from the LCROSS spacecraft will hit the moon at 6,000 mph with a plume that should reach 6.2 miles high and put a 90 foot deep hole in the surface. The plume will rise above the Cabeus creater, where temperatures in this area are known to be -360 degrees Farenheit. The event will be observed and analyzed by LCROSS's "shepherd' which will pass through the plume and blast into the hole making it 60 feet deeper. Ref: USA Today, Oct 8,09
  2. Alaskans will receive their $1305.00 state's oil royality investment, today.
  3. A red flag on the Democrates. You think Bush had a deficit!, it is now $1.4E12 as of last week. Ref: USA Today, Oct 8,09,page 4A
  4. I see the French are chasing pirates in Somali again, Rear Adm. Christtophe Prazuck's report, after the La Somme was fired on from Kalashnikov rifles.
  5. In responce to president Obama's proposed reform of Wall Street to be guaranteed by the government as out lined by Pete Schweizer of the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. I feel that the lost control of the market when it was open to the public with investments houses and taken away from the banks sent the bankers out of the bank into ATMs and common stock markets where they could make easy money. Prefered stock seems to be as guaranted as what Obama has proposed. Hey Judy! I wonder if Peter could give you and me as Americans some advice on how to move ahead as educated American?


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