Whenever I meet people, invariably this comes up. So what do you do? What they really mean is - ARE YOU WORTH MY TIME? You answer "heart surgeon," they move toward you. All of a sudden, you are an intriguing item. However should you say instead, "ahhh I'm still looking around," see how quickly they excuse themselves and head to the bar.

Really, Who is anyone to judge what you do to support yourself and your family? Over the years, we've seen people change job titles just because of this bias. For example, a Trash man is now a sanitation engineer. But what's wrong with trash man? Yeah, you might get dirty, but can anyone doubt the absolute necessity of that job? As opposed to hundreds of other less meaningful jobs like government bureaucrat, or talk show host.

There's an old saying, a man is what a man does, Think about that and you begin to realize that the real jobs, those with meaning and purpose; mechanic, plumber, construction worker, etc are often the least appreciated. But they would be the hardest to live without.

So think about that the next time you're tempted to say...what do you do? Unless of course, you're talking to a politician. I'd like to hear that answer.


K. Aitken Aug. 30, 2011 @ 10:51 a.m.

I agree. In some circles it would be rude to ask, but most people have no problem asking how much you make, what your title is, where you live, and if your home is new.

Really. I was asked at a cocktail party where I lived, and when I said Escondido I could see the woman's eyes dull and her lips start to smirk. Then she asked if I own or rent, and if my house is new. The nerve! I asked her why, did she want to come over?


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