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Artist's rendering of what Chula Vista's bayfront does not look like right now.

On October 24, the Chula Vista City Council voted to dissolve the Chula Vista Tourism Marketing District, citing possible misuse of funds and definite failure to bring tourists to Chula Vista.

Today, Chula Vista TMD Director Wanda Werdois responded to what she characterized as "a short-sighted move that reflects a gross misunderstanding of the modern tourist market."

"For instance," says Werdois. "The Council cites a grand jury finding that, 'although a representative from the Hotel Motel Association said Chula Vista's primary tourist markets are Los Angeles, Arizona and Nevada the hotels and motels had been promoted in two local publications — The Star News and My Hometown Chula Vista.'"

"Oooh, damning," continues Werdois, rolling her eyes. "But consider the source! Of course a paid shill for the hotel/motel industry is going to complain if we promote Chula Vista to Chula Vistans - they already live here, so they don't need a hotel room. But look at the reality: because of the slumping economy and the spike in gas prices, home-based 'staycations' are up 60% from last year. Spending marketing dollars in Chula Vista to keep Chula Vistans in Chula Vista just makes sense. We don't want them traipsing off to National City or Imperial Beach, now do we? We're reaching people where they are to keep them where they are, and that's good business."

"Plus, until Eye Candy fires up the waterfront nightlife, what was I supposed to sell to all those people in Arizona and Nevada? The Olympic Training Center? The water park? Please."

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Bob_Castaneda Oct. 26, 2012 @ 2:14 p.m.

This was a bold and lengthy fight to rightsize Chula Vista government and elimiate an unfair tax that represents the worst in government.

Apparently, given the quotes in this article from a disenfranchised recipient of a much smaller public dole, the ony thing that remains is arrogance!


Sjtorres Oct. 26, 2012 @ 3:17 p.m.

See ya Wanda. I imagine part of the reason the TMD was dissolved is your attitude. Good job. Also, I cannot imagine families from Chula Vista deciding to go stay in a motel a couple miles from home and call it a 'staycation'. That's just dumb. The TMD should have focused on the SD convention and tourist crowds and lured them to CV.
The new tack ought to be: Come to CV and pay a lot less than you would in SD.


dlwatib Oct. 27, 2012 @ 7:51 p.m.

This is so true I don't know whether to laugh or cry, or even what to laugh or cry about. So far as I can tell by the license plates, Chula Vista is getting most of its visitors from south of the border. Its tourists may be day travelers simply shopping for food and trinkets at Food for Less and Walmart, but they're here to spend money nevertheless. Promote tourism in Baja, CV.

Meanwhile, adding a little culture to draw tourists in wouldn't be a bad thing, now would it? We don't have to turn the place into another New Orleans or Venice like the picture above, but how about making Chula Vista a bit more chula? For starters, hire local kids to paint murals on blank walls so they don't tag everything in sight. Add in a couple of special events each year, and a theme park or other attraction like Sea World or Legoland.


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