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FLUXX’s most seductive theme of all returns to the nightclub this weekend. FLUXX Flesh Factory is back, bringing whips, chains and fantasies of bloody slaughter to the downtown party scene. Who says we have to wait for Halloween to dress up and misbehave?

"FLUXX has always been about breaking taboos and casting off the puritanical bonds on our deepest, darkest desires," says General Manager Marcus Dessad. "And what bigger taboo is there than taking a woman - an autonomous creature who defies your control even as she enslaves you through your own desire - and hanging her on a steel hook like a side of beef to await your pleasure? Isn't that why the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre was so compelling? Of course, our girls only hang upside-down in lingerie for a little while each night, but we find it's enough to get people's attention."


Admittedly, we'd never thought of it that way before.

Murderous fantasy becomes reality during FLUXX Flesh Factory, and this year’s revamped theme is looking extra excruciating. The signature elements will still be in full effect: Gothic décor will transform the club interior into that of a medieval torture chamber, with suggestive abattoir imagery setting the tone. Servers and dancers adorned in bloody smocks, complete with inhuman masks, will play the part. The main attraction is the life-size bed on the dance floor, because obviously.

New this year, FLUXX is spicing up the bottle service presentation, and inviting homicidal maniacs to join the party. Mentally prepare yourself for blow-up dolls, fetish-branded tattoos, and plenty of screaming.

The FLUXX Flesh Factory launch party is Friday, Oct. 19 with DJ Toetag.

FLUXX Nightclub is located at 500 4th Avenue, fluxxsd.com


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dlwatib Oct. 27, 2012 @ 8:21 p.m.

What's this world coming to when a working girl can't hang upside down in the fetish nightclub of her choice without catty comments being made?

Is it art or is it porn? Only a Supreme Court Justice knows for sure!


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