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Local Middle Schooler Responds to Suspension, Accuses District of Victimizing Him

"They're trying to bully me into saying I did something wrong. But I won't be bullied."


Poster distributed throughout San Diego Middle School system

"This is the school's own fault," says Aaron Masters, a 13-year old student at Bell Middle School in Paradise Hills, and one of the nine students recently suspended for watching porn and conducting a "gay test" during teacher Ed "Magic" Johnson's English class. "They're always encouraging us to explore our sexuality - you know, so that we don't wind up ashamed of being gay. So we did some exploring. We fired up some gay porn on our phones - the school has no rule against that - and checked to see who sprouted wood. Some dudes actually started masturbating right there in class. So yeah, we said that people who spanked it to gay porn were gay. And for that, we're haters who deserve suspension?"

"If it's the masturbation part they have a problem with, well, excuse me for being 13. What do they expect us to do - not masturbate? Sorry, it's perfectly normal and natural - Mr. Peters said so in Health class. And there weren't any girls around, so it can't be treated as sexual harassment."

"Besides," concluded Masters, "if they didn't want us talking about who was gay and who wasn't, they shouldn't have had us reading A Separate Peace. That shit is totally gay."

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