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Nuclear Regulatory Officials Say Japanese Manufacturer Used Flawed Computer Models During Construction, "Underpredicted Velocities of Steam and Water Inside Generators by Factors of Three to Four Times."

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Responds: "Math is hard!"


Mitsubishi Head of Industrial Simulations Watkud Gorong throws the switch on his nuclear steam tube test-model.

STOCKING UP THE OL' BOMB SHELTER, SAN DIEGO - "I don't get it," says retired General Dynamics engineer Arnold Hammersmith, 79. "For what seems like the past thirty years, we've been hearing about how Japan is beating the pants off of America in the whole math and science department. Now we come to find out that they're making mistakes on nuclear generator design - like a bunch of frostbit Russkies? I'm just glad I won't live to see the day when..."

At this point, Hammersmith was cut off by an enormous explosion. Shortly afterward, he was reduced to ash (together with this reporter) by the initial blast wave of the exploding nuclear reactor.

BONUS EXCLUSIVE: SD on the QT has obtained schematics for the Mitsubishi computer test model used to simulate steam-tube water velocity:


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