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Presidential Candidate Tours San Diego Zoo, Meets Namesake and Friend

"Politics makes strange bedfellows, but this is unprecedented."


Gingrich and Methuselah, so happy together.

SNIGGERING BY THE REPTILE CAGES, SAN DIEGO ZOO - Given his rather curious name, it is perhaps no surprise that Newt Gingrich has an animal named after him at the San Diego Zoo. What is surprising is Gingrich the newt's preferred company: not a (presumably Republican) elephant, but a black slug named Methuselah.

"We're a little baffled," said the Zoo's Department of Slimy Critters Head Wade George. "Ordinarily, these two would share no common interests whatsoever. For a while, we suspected some sort of parasitic relationship. But after extensive observation, we cannot find a single benefit that the newt derives from his association with the slug. Given the newt's general temperament and character, I would say that this alliance is so unusual as to be called unnatural."

Upon meeting Gingrich and Methuselah during his tour of the Zoo yesterday, the Presidential candidate quipped, "I'm just glad his name isn't Herman."

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