If you're still reading, at least you are still curious. The answer to the "God" question is that it must remain a question for man to evolve. It is in our collective reach for the answer that we move forward.

The final frontier is not supposed to be conquered by mankind, simply experienced. As the population of the globe experiences religion, spirit, whatever you want to call it-and it has been called by many names-we create it. As we create its existence, it sustains ours. It is the third part of our holy trinity (body, mind and soul) and all three are needed for survival.

The irony is that evolution is based on religion and we continually try to separate the two. To evolve, we embody a concept or ideology until it is so accepted by our minds that it directs our hands causing a forward 'movement' that is evolution. The three behave as one. Lose one element and the other two are virtually lost-rudderless.

Religionists will tell you that to blindly accept a concept by directing the hands first forces the process but this needn't occur. Faith has been based on as little or as much solid evidence as we currently possess. It has moved many to do much and continues to do so. May it move mountains now.

Man is not going to breach heaven's barriers as he once did those of outer space. Our collective mind has not evolved into the depth of understanding that is necessary to fathom another dimension much less enter its borders. We haven't even harnessed the power of magnetic energy and that should have been the "fuel" for a transportation system that could have been in place 20-30 years ago. Our current fuel issues, and they are multi-layered, would have "evolved away."

Before Christ walked this earth, and I believe He did, mankind bowed to many gods and idols-usually based on local ideas and traditions. Zeus had many followers. Native Americans felt a connection to the spirit world through nature and still do. But before man even knew how to talk, travel or explore beyond a very small area, he knew of Spirit.

In caves, drawings have been found to show that the question of death was addressed on the walls with drawings of tribe members dressed for burial and faded shadowy figures shown ascending the deceased bodies. They knew 'something' left the cave when someone died and finally began to depict in art the question of "what left the cave?" Man's question of God evolved from there. And it's never waned. And it's never going to.

God is and will always be the final frontier-forever and ever in a world without end. In that it stays a question, part of life remains unanswered until the very end when it's been said through history by so many that "all will be revealed." "My life flashed before my eyes." "There was a ledger."

NDEers flash forward because of the almost complete disconnect of the brain and body from the soul. This leaves them almost in pure spirit which allows travel at a very different speed and by a very different process than man is able to understand yet. Some can and one almost figured the whole system out. He almost uncovered the creative secret of the universe and he was born in Ulm, Germany.

Einstein is the only human to take the concept of energy and advance it so fast. In his dreams, he saw recurring images that he continually drew, sketched or doodled at his day job as a patent clerk. The man couldn't get a job as a substitute teacher but he dreamt that "light rays from the sun bend" and those dreams haunted him until he finally started drawing them. When other scientists, mathematicians and astrologers of the day saw his drawings, they knew that they too had seen the same images but did not understand how to put them into words, which Einstein did beautifully.

In reference to Christ, Einstein said we cannot ignore such a luminous figure. Again, it all comes down to energy. The highest form of human would have a vibration so high and pure that the person could levitate, walk on water and heal the sick and imbalanced simply by laying on hands.Christ did those things and more-He went to the other side and came back. That is what re-set the clock of the universe.

We were once pure energy until we came down in vibration, became governed by gravity and began to evolve. From ions to mist to rain until we literally oozed into the world. We did not morph into apes at any time. All was well, following an evolutionary schedule until man did a funny and unexpected thing. He began to exterminate himself and continues to do so.

We, in fact, de-evolved through genocides which litter our history books with symbols such as the Russian hammer or the German swastika and continue to do so under the headings-homicide, suicide, genocide. Gangs, drugs and global ennui are draining such vast quantities of energy and resources that we are losing ground and are creating our own Omega.

We live as an unbreakable and holy trinity-body, mind, soul. One cannot exist without the other two until the point of human death when we become pure spirit. At no point do all three cease to exist; they simply change form.This triad is unbreakable due to each of its three dimensions being equal. Past, present and future. Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. Today, tomorrow and yesterday. Here, there and the space between. All complete trinities.

The key is that the soul unlocks the mind and body to allow a person to manifest his full destiny-beyond survival, procreation and familial obligations. It inspires him to do what he was sent here to do.

I hope this helps somebody. Peace, SLD


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