It was an extremely hot summer night. My family and I had just returned home from church. It was incredibly late, and we were very tired. It was the kind of tired you feel when you just finish running a really long race. We had a quick snack, said “Good night”, and went to our beds.

While I was lying in my bed; my mind was wandering. All of the sudden, I heard a loud sound! I thought it was a firecracker going off. I sat up in my bed, and looked out my window. It was not what I originally thought it was. Instead it was a car, speeding by our neighbor house! In my terror, I realized that it was a DRIVE BY SHOOTING! I laid down flat in my bed, waiting for the violence to stop! Gradually silence rose around my ears. I knew the shooting was over. I leaped out of my bed, and ran into the office, where my dad had just hung up the telephone. He looked concerned, as a general knowing how the enemy is going to attack and having no way to stop it.

“Daddy,” I said with a shaky voice “d-did you hear that? It sounded like
g-gun shots!” “ Yes Hillary. I just called the police. They will be here in a few minutes!” He said, trying to sound calm. My Pop was right. The police showed up with an ambulance! They stopped in front of our neighbor’s house! Someone inside had been shot! Pretty soon all our neighbors were awake, standing on the side walk, and watching the cops do their job.

My family and I were sitting in front of our house. My eye caught a glimpse of something shiny on the ground. It was bright, like a brand new penny glinting in the sunlight. I asked my Pop what it was. He didn’t know. We asked the policeman what the item was. “Where did you find this?” he inquired with great concern.

“Right in front of my window.” I said meekly. He put the object down where I had picked it up, and put a cone over it. The cone was marked with the number twenty nine!

Apparently the item in question was a bullet! It had bounced off my bed room window security bars, and landed four feet from outside my room! I am firmly convinced that it was by the grace, and protection, of God that I was saved; saved from being shot to death!

A couple of weeks later a detective came to our house. He asked me what I saw that night. I told him it was dark, and I saw a big black car. A few weeks later, in the same hot month of August, there was another drive by shooting. That time we had parked our van in our front yard to block any bullet that might strike our bedroom windows.

Despite all of the things that happened it was slightly exhilarating. I could tell so many more stories of our exciting neighborhood. For example: drug busts, break ins, rape, and peeping toms. I would have to say, the most spectacular event was the car bomb. The car bomb set the vehicle into huge, red hot flames!

Living in a house in “da hood” is a fascinating experience, and makes for interesting stories. With out God’s protection, my family would be in big trouble. I thank God for the safety he gives us, every night.


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