Standardized tests shunned by South Bay parents

Ms. Phatek is absolutely correct. All of the things that she mentioned, testing, charter schools, failures in testing results, are all designed to do one thing is to make sure that public education as we know it will be gone. All these things point toward one thing and that is the privatization of public education. The wolves on Wall St are licking their lips waiting for this to happen. That is why teachers are vilified, charter schools to drain the money from neighborhood schools, break the teachers union, give tests that the students will fail, and everybody throws up their hands and says oh public education is broken. If it is so broken why aren't these charter schools out preforming the public schools on these standardized tests? Remember No Child Left Behind? What was the answer if a school didn't meet their testing goals? Why of course close down the school, fire all the teachers and reassign the administrators. Common Core is just another way to close down neighborhood schools. Here are some facts about charter schools in the San Diego Unified School District. Since their inception in the mid 90's about 1/3 of all charters have failed. The two biggest reasons for these failures is financial fraud and cheating about the number of students in class each day. Commonly referred to as the ADA, average daily attendance. All money to run these failed charters came from the districts General Fund. All money lost is not recoverable. Charters are about reinventing the wheel. When all this goes down and public education is privatized, and when you attend a local school board meeting you will see corporate heads making up the school board and telling you what your child will learn and how much it will cost you. And silly you, you thought taking out a loan for education was just for college. It will now start in kindergarten.
— April 12, 2014 4:23 p.m.

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