More Police Raids, But Civic Center Remains Occupied

Indeed we do. They are not engaged, and they are not particularly fond of the Occupy climate downtown. I spoke with a lot of people from the Mission Bay neighborhood last Thursday when we occupied the Clairemont Dr. bridge for a couple of hours. There were many retired folk who turned out to this event at Mission Bay because the milieu downtown is difficult, marginally hostile, and inconvenient. The idea behind Occupy Mission Bay really wasn't to establish another soup kitchen/tent city. It was to provide an outreach to the neighborhood; to the families and elder folks who don't wish to trek downtown. And the downtown people don't like it. They have this warped perspective that is disturbing. Somehow, OMB is going to "detract from the movement" by attracting people who wouldn't go downtown to begin with. Logic fail. Somehow, the people downtown think we're being "exclusionary" by not coming downtown to hang with the homeless. By not coming downtown we're "avoiding" the homeless. Really, OSD? There are at least 1200 homeless people living in Mission Valley. We share our neighborhoods with them. We don't need to come downtown to see your homeless, OSD. Got our own, thanks. Long story short, if you don't agree with every point the comrades in charge push, you're not part of the movement. Only they call it a revolution, being entirely unfamiliar with the difference. Here's a response from one of the OSD people about OMB: "Carmen: your sense of social justice is seriously askew, and smacks of defending a lost 'white privilege' rather than struggling for justice for all." Okay, Mission Bay is mostly white and Latino, but that's beside the point. I thought we were fighting for reform, repealing bad law and forcing governmental change in fundamental ways to cut big money interests out of politics. What the hell does "white privilege" and "justice for all" have to do with it? If we don't change the big things first, all this becomes pantomime, a bunch of social activists pretending to rebel whilst alienating all the people who's peripheral involvement and contributions would be valuable to the cause as a whole. So I'm waiting for Occupy 2.0. The one without all the humorless comrades and holier than thou activists that we are going to sneak out a side door to avoid, then reform in the parking lot where we can eat bacon and talk smack.
— November 20, 2011 9:33 a.m.

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