The Emo Chromosome

great, now we have RADIO telling us what sucks? you know what sucks, music picked out by 40+ males in an office, that have no connection to music anymore, and see bands and 'spins' as dollar signs for advertisements. you know what sucks? people who have no clue what 'emo' is, and simply label something they don't understand as 'garbage' you know what sucks? the industry does the same thing with 'emo' bands that it has done forever, how many nirvana/pearl jam/smashing pumpking rip off bands were there in the 90's? how many rappers are repeating the same lyrics? how many boy band's were there??? you know what really sucks? gaining publicity by spreading a message of hate, when obviously the entity is ignorant of music and what it can do for people's lives. regardless of what these bands are or what they sing about, unless you create music, you have no room to criticize these bands. don't get me wrong, I'm tired of hearing, "I kill myself because my girlfriend left me". oh but wait, I've heard that in at least two Breaking Benjamin songs and at least a dozen Everclear songs. You may disagree with a genre of music, but at least do your homework, and at the very least be able to look in the mirror and recognize the hypocrisy of hating manufactured bands. *cough Hinder, Trapt, Seether, Nickelback* spreading messages of hate and ignorance is the last thing this country needs. last time I checked we had plenty of that to go around. thanks 94.9 for revealing once again why radio is a dying medium.
— April 25, 2008 12:44 p.m.

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