Afro Puffs

I totally get the quote, because, growing up in San Diego, I begin to feel the same way when I entered JHS/Middle school. Black boys would date the least attractive white girl or Mexican but when it came to a black girl they wanted her to look like Vanessa Williams or Ananda Lewis. I had a family member tell me he didn't go with "whole black girls" only "mixed" girls. I am mostly offended that Ms. Salam would discuss a community, South East San Diego, and is totally ignorant about the community. Most people who live in SE have southern roots from Texas and New Orleans, these people moved to San Diego in the late 50's and 60's for jobs. South East San Diego is a community in which people knew each other by their family's last name. The writer lives in East Lake a fairly new community in San Diego, near the Mexican Border, with a nice share of people affiliated with Mexican drug cartels. I personally know Black successful/rich/wealthy/educated people who have no desire to live in La Jolla, so Ms. Salaam's husband is totally wrong about no one with money would want to live in South East. Growing up in South East San Diego I was in close contact, with the "influential" black folks, we only had 5 black judges and I knew who there were. Living in the "ghetto", I went skiing annually with NBS during winter carnival, my 3 cousins participated in the AKA debutante ball all while living in South East. Living in South East, I knew of Black doctors, Attorneys,Radio Station Owners, Chemist, Teachers, Post Men,Professors, Politicians and City School Superintendent, etc... Now living in NYC im so happy I grew up in a black community like South East where the poor, middle and upper middle class co mingled, it gave me the opportunity to believe black people were successful and that we could do anything we wanted to do. So maybe Ms, Salaam should come hang out in the "hood" of South East so her daughter and son can experience some positive images of Black people.
— July 18, 2012 4:33 a.m.

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