Ignoring friends' advice got Filner into trouble

Don - let me. rdotinga: There is a game called grab ass. Boys and girls start playing it about in the 7th grade. Some girls don't stop playing it until they are married, some before 10th grade, some never (a small minority). Men never want to stop playing it. They might get married and stop (or not), but unless they are gay, men tend to have a stronger tendency toward playing grab ass in one form or another, no matter how old they get to be. Especially if they are single. You see: women are beautiful. And some women are willng to play grab ass as they get older as well. How do they find each other? Well, you might ask for a kiss. You might say something "offensive." But if you're a young and attractive enough guy, what's offensive might be considered "flirtation. (Face it: we don't know any more because we are old guys who spend our time on computers to make us feel smart and involved.) There is no doubt that the mayor crossed some lines, And if someone had their job threatend for not going along with his sexy ways, I think that should be enough to put his old skanky ass in jail. He didn't know when to stop playing grab ass. I guess nobody told him directly. A long career in congress and no one has ever called him out until the local politicos that used to run this city started gettng uncomfortable because they see there aspirations drying up with all the attention being put on the citizens. That is an odd coinkydink. If the mayor was such a big problem, those women accusing him would have ratted on him a long time ago. It was a permissive environment. Right or wrong. Now that so many women know that he's a sex maniac and received a grope or kiss, why aren't the women coming forward to protect other women? He must not have been that much of a problem. Of course he could be shooed away. He no doubt was. (The big perv) But Filner did not rape anybody. And that is what is almost being implied. As far as terms being thrown around in the media, Filner is obviously more guilty of "fanny slapping" than "sexual assault". I saw that one used on the UT website. The paper of record. Read enough of anything and you end up believing it, That is just how we work. I'm suggesting that everybody calm down and consider other sets of facts. And consider who you're talking to when you talk to Don Bauder. He's not just Don Bauder. He is an old guy who has been around and seen things change. It's called perspective. These whippersnappers.
— July 16, 2013 9:59 p.m.

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