River of Tears

I went through a much more humiliating process at UCSD then this story you wrote. Those whom have worked here for many years, like me, have known this place to be a very unethical and dishonest organization and a microcosm of this unjust government. The labor Relations does everything in its power to abuse its power and misguide and ruin career employees-as they tried to do to me. This is a system you cannot hold those with authority accountable for their actions, because if you do, they will us their power to discard you as garbage-- knowing the public will never know. I should know because I stood up to Mr Lickwig (CEO of UCSD Hillcrest Hospital) and his right hand thug director Denise Goodrich and they made every effort to screw me over for disclosing their incompantancies! It’s been two years they shut me up, butI am as angry as ever, and I demand compensation from these unethical asses. There is no wonder why --people have been suing this place every chance they have. The University (UCSD) uses our endless supply of tax dollars to pay for the best attorneys to screw the very people that run its facilities and built our towns and schools, and when their wrong they settle out of court ordering you to shut up and keep the dirty secrets away from the public ear! This hypocrit governing system has been in the self distrust mode for a long time and I am completely appalled by this government as a whole-- ever since I worked in this damed place! It doesn’t surprise me why I hear so much hate at this place. After working more than twenty years at UCSD I have come to realize how out of control this government has become. I will never trust this government again, thanks to this pompous institution and its dishonest capitalist pigs at UCSD! I believe this government will ultimately fail from its own internal forces as well as those abroad, because it goes against the morality of people in general. If you really care,please contact me, I wrote a diary about my humiliating ordeal at UCSD. I ask anyone that is contributing to this system to stop doing so, until a public hearing through a private neutral party is in place-- to monitor them for many years- to ensure we will survive as a nation-- or there is no hope. I would deeply suggest that an internal investigation be folowed up on all employees terminated from the UC sys. I can gaurantee you will find a lot of horrible things! 5-20-08
— May 20, 2008 12:38 p.m.

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