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I never thought I'd become a welfare queen

Pete, I agree with Refried when saying that there is no way SD had anything to do with this, I’d bet my life savings on it (wait..if I had a life savings then I would). It’s obvious from how she expresses herself on here that just isn’t how she roles. That girl can debate herself blue without putting down the other person or needing to do something behind the scenes. To me it is obvious who the person on the CB posts is – but hell, I see no point in posting it up here. They’ve hated Josh here, and hated Josh there (although at one point they were gushing over him – to extreme levels so basically they just go from one extreme to another which is bizarre) - so who cares if they use different screen names on each site, they don’t use their real name on either one so it’s all behind the screen anyhow. Mindy, I’ve never understood why you always play the victim with whatever it is you rant on and on about with SD. You write well, you contribute good things to the site, but sometimes you get on these kicks about how you feel your situation with her went or about her in general. Not that I’ve caught everything but I’ve seen quite a few posts where you’ve been the one attacking her. SD doesn’t just get angry, name call, or stalk out like you’re trying to imply so really how about checking what you’re saying or making yourself believe. I’m not saying everyone has to get along but you are far from the victim in this case. I imagine this entire site will suffer a loss of hits if Josh is actually gone. I've disagreed with him on several things in the past and I've also voiced my discontent at how he has expressed his anger when it's there. However there were a lot of entertaining, funny and interesting things he provided many of us with for reading. I'm still hoping that the rumors aren't true and maybe he's just checking his own issues and will be back on here soon. We all have issues and that sometimes need a little (or a lot) of tweaking.
— January 13, 2010 9:41 a.m.

Let’s Be Friends

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