Hard to breathe in Barrio Logan

Oh jeez This "story" is so full of holes and questionable motives; where to begin? I have several questions 1.Why is she living with her live-in boyfriend, the father of her two children? Does he offer any finaicial support or is this just another freeloader relationship with some taxpayer assisted benefits? 2. Why is this woman working in Coronado - could it be she's wants whats been earned by others but doesn't know how to go about "getting it"? 3. What exactly is hers or her boyfriends immigration status? Are these kids their meal ticket? 4. Why does the city, county or state punish low income people by placing them in harms way? **Could it be their punitive nature to "teach" people to NOT be low income?** 5. Where are the peoples mislayed sympathies when it comes to the 1000's of homeless people on the streets that might love to have a roof over their head, even in barrio logan, yet the reader chooses to pull out some piece about kids? 6. With the deplorable health conditions down there, why is the city, county and/or state allowed to continue playing games with peoples health? I am certainly sympathetic to anyone that finds themselves in low income housing, either by sad mistake, misfortune or as these children, through no fault of their own but **I also find it CRIMINAL to shove a family into an apartment right next to some factory belching toxic fumes.** People can go on and on about how "beautiful" they find it down there underneath the bridges but the facts remain whether you're blind or not: Master Plating was allowed to operate and dump toxins for years before most of you readers fell in love with barrio logan - those toxins are still in the ground, top soil and air. Pidgeon shit by the bucket load gets washed down onto the houses, sidewalks and streets everytime thre is a rain storm, tons of exhaust pollution 24X7 from the freeways and shit floating in the air from the factories.. Oh well
— June 30, 2013 6:53 p.m.

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