I Don’t Work Here. Just Send Me Checks

Lets see, we are also forgetting that the he was appointed to the Chula Vista School Board, after his good friend Cheryl Cox vacated the seat to become mayor, oh, and then she picked his good friend Kathy Lembo with whom he has a contract and a board position, to help make him police chief, oh, and then kathy makes one of his competitors a director at sbcs, lol, wtf is going on in Chula Vista. And the new City Manager sees nothing wrong with any of this, what a clown he is. Well, just a little side note Chief, looks like you and Kathy Lembo picked the wrong people to fight with didn't you. A young girl came to you for help as a figure of justice that you portray, she was being treated wrongly and unfairly by one of the people in your incestuous web of CV politics (we both know which one, right?), and you chose to not help her, which probably is understandable, considering that she didn't help you get this cush job you don't deserve, and she didn't help you get that cool 97K contract with sbcs, but not only did you not help, you belittled and allowed her to be treated unfairly, and now look whats happening, lol, all your dirtiness is coming out for all to see. But you know what the best thing is, Cheif? There is still more to come, lol, that is the best thing. You are a hypocrite and slimey slippery politician. And now everyone gets to see your fall, lol. Kathy, isn't this just beautiful? You're really not smarter than everyone else, are you? You both should do the honorable thing and resign, but then, neither one of you has any honor, too bad.
— July 1, 2010 11:42 p.m.

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