Do You Live Close to Snoop Dogg?

So this all started two days ago when I was shopping with my grandmother in a cvs in Encinitas. I was walking out the front door when I saw the sd reader with the cover reading "does snoop dog live close to you?" or something like that. Being from northern CA and the west coast and all, I'm a fan of snoop's. Little did I know, I was in for something that was not only entirely irrelevant to the cover, but ridiculous in every way possible. A series of unrelated events horribly strung together to create a really stupid article. First of all we are in San Diego, a beach town. Yes a beach town. Not a hood, ghetto, rough neighborhood, but a beach town. The author closes his article with this:" It might be, but we do have things that go on here that people don’t know about. Be safe and enjoy my San Diego." my immediate response is " yeah people don't know about stuff that goes on here for a reason, it doesn't happen that much... This is not a hot spot for crime, although I don't know why you would be tempted to portray it as that. You are not a banger victor rice, you are a pussy. If you hate bloods, then why do you call your friends "blood" in the next sentance after previously stating them as your rivals?(it's not really a question because I don't care). The mischief you speak of: a boy doing donuts, a homeless crackead getting stabbed, and someone you barely know getting shot near your house? Your lucky your parents are rich enough to build a brick wall with a security fence. You sound pretty well off to me, other than being an idiot and all. I'm A nor cal native. Born and raised in Oakland, ca. I know what crime is and I know what it's like to live within it. I come to San Diego to escape and relax and visit my family. I walk 3 miles to the ocean every night and usually in the middle of the night. I have never had any problems or witnessed anybody doing anything but having a good time. Other than the posers and bored suburban kids, most people are really chill. Whyigotahaveid sounds like an idiot aswell. I am from the ghetto, neighborhood, hood, whatever you wanna call it. Come to Oakland or compton if you think you have it rough. Getting punked for your lunch as a little kid doesn't mean you live in the hood, it means you should stick up for yourself so people don't think you're a bitch. San Diego is about as far from a rough hood as it gets. Bored suburban kids who wanna live like their idols(snoop, westside connection, etc) , but little do they know they couldn't be farther from the truth. Snoop got to where he was through putting in work and overcoming oppression. What do you know about that. Go look in the mirror. P.s. I don't know anyone who drinks hennessy with pineapple juice, but gross.
— August 6, 2009 8:03 p.m.

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