Creation of a Monster, John Gardner

Yes, sex offenders should be shot on site. Truth is that it just won't happen. Our current solutions are not only not working but it seems the problem is getting worse. Is it really getting worse or is it the instant communication society making these problems more visable? In either case living the problem and allowing anger and sorrow to cloud our thinking makes little sense. There are quite a few other social maladies that, in the past, were deemed "uncurable" and reigned havoc on people and families. The individuals afflicted were locked in prisons and psychiatric units and deemed untreatable. Do not misunderstand me please! I have NO sympathy for fiends like this man. The pathology exists that victims turn into offenders in more than a few cases. So where do young men go, that in the beginning, when their thoughts and feelings about such abhorrent topics are coming into their minds and overwhelming them go for help without fear of ridicule and being branded for life? Is there a time and a place that is safe for them to seek help before they become monsters? NOPE, flat out NOPE! They are catch 22 in the extreme. Could lives be changed, the public made more safe, and this expotentially harmful malady be lessened with a change in perspective and treatment? Truth is that I do not know the answers or any answers here. There is at least one person I would love to put in that prison for life WITH John Gardner. That is the guy that would not admit him when he told them he felt he was a danger to himself and others.
— September 29, 2012 7:17 a.m.

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