Don't Embarrass the Hells Angels

First off, to the "Bloggers" who want to make comments without knowing the full story and HIDING behind the internet, I implore you to post your real information and see if you still refer to ANY man as a clown and see how far that gets you. As for the story itself, I will echo OGbigbird and say that it is poorly written and most likely written by someone who has seen one to many episodes of Gangland or Sons of Anarchy. The author has decided to take one version of the three versions from court and put their own spin on it. For those who know what REALLY happened, it is not to far from normalcy in Oceanside. There was a Marine (Special Forces mind you) who didn't take kindly to ANYONE....whether its a 65 year old man, or a little wimpy man who hides behind his "blog" who decides to hit on this marine's wife. He DEFINITELY does not take kindly when the old man tells him "thats the way its gonna be," but I doubt that MOST MEN would just shrug their shoulders and say I guess so, so please continue making my wife feel uncomfortable. So what do you think a Marine of any stature would do, especially when another man, who by the way is 65, but about 6'4 squares off to him?? He takes the initiative. This story is ONLY a story because the Hells Angels are involved. Period. This type of incident happens almost every night in a bar, and its in my opinion that its the author who is trying to incite people by slandering "Thor" and saying he is an embarrassment. I wouldn't be surprised if the D.A. put the author up to it to see what kind of reaction there is. IF YOU ARE GOING TO WRITE A STORY AND SLANDER SOMEONE... TELL ALL SIDES. Why not mention the old man is on medication and comes up with random stories, which was testimony from his closest friends. Why not tell that the old man wanted none of this and knows he was in the wrong. Do not just use the perspectives that you assume will make a good story... and learn how to write! And as for those of you who read this article; Dont believe everything that the media puts out. Most of us from the military and other walks of life already know this, but just remember there is always at least three sides to a story.
— August 1, 2012 6:26 p.m.

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