Psycho Willie vs. the Pyrate Punx

Actually Sid, I rarely post on here, and when I do, Its under my real name. I Don't post under fake names. Why would I? Also, I dont know Jessie very well. I only know him from his thrash band. I never told Jessie that you got your ass beat. You did run like a coward and hid in the back. I was suprised that you were that agile considering your weight. You are always making remarks about me and drugs, thats funny, I dont even do drugs, The best job you can get is at a smoke shop selling crack pipes? hmmm! Didnt you learn from Whitney? "(CRACK IS WHACK)" And about a picture, If there are pics of us at a bar drinking Id like to see them. Probably from bucu years ago. Before I grew hair and you grew balls. Contrary to your statement, we have shows every week in San Diego and all over the southwest, We're still booking away and never stopped, No matter what stunt you keep trying to pull, we will always do it bigger and better than you ever will. The only shows that I dont book, or play are gutter shows which is all you ever see, Sorry, I like to get paid! You sure do brag about the money YOU DONT make:)--- Or, is that YOU CANT make? If you are going to badmouth me, at least be able to backup what you say and dont be such a coward, At least be accurate in what you say. You still and will always have a yellow stripe down your back. You were a coward when you worked for me, After I fired you you are still a coward!!!! Mr Tough punk rock Captain Sid is a "COWARD" LOL Even your so-called "friends" think so. If you are not a coward, prove me wrong, instead of hiding behind your keyboard.
— February 27, 2010 3:57 p.m.

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