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Homeless People Drummed Out of San Diego's Downtown Library

You remind me of Whoppi Goldberg and Joy Behar. --I don't get this because I don't watch crap like The View Your comments show an intolerance for the intolerant. --Agreed. There can be two reasons for this: --Life is seldom that simple, though simple people often think it is. 1. You are as needy as they are; therefore, you think society owes you too --As needy as Whoopi and Joy? 2. You're ignorant of the real situation, and living in dreamland. When you wait on hundreds of people who are looking for a handout because they don't want to work, you start to realize what many of the "homeless" are about --So what are they about? Why don't you come out and say it? I'll say that, though there may be a tiny portion of needy people who somehow enjoy being needy, the vast majority of needy people would rather be self-sufficient. Even Phil Spector was mentally ill and managed to make millions of dollars. --wow, I've never before heard the "If Phil Spector can do it, so can you" argument Why is it liberals like you think all of the benefits should go to people who don't earn them? --that's not at all what I think. All I've said here is I think we can afford to take better care of our homeless (actually, I know we can afford to take better care of our homeless) Why should my children be in the company of people who stink, and frighten them because they claim to have nowhere else to go? --Which people are you talking about? Your children's parents? The truth is many have nowhere else to go because their families won't have them. --where did you discover this "truth"? Some sort of survey or study? Or is it actually just an "opinion" (there's a significant difference) Why should they be our problem? --in my opinion, the well-off have a responsibility to help the needy. Do you disagree?
— October 18, 2010 3:32 p.m.

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