Gay War

Not only is this article slanted and anti-gay rich with ridiculous commentary such as “a self-professed gay” and “gay war” but it’s also ludicrous. Michael Portantino defrauded his advertisers, lied about circulation numbers and had no issue with depositing the checks of those who advertised in his paper. FRAUD is still a criminal act regardless of people’s personalities and sexual orientation (which I’m still not quite clear what that slant has to do with the story you have posted and published) other than it’s a GAY publication. I’m sure Mr. Portantino is very hurried to file a lawsuit because the misappropriation of documents that confirm his illegal and criminal acts (allegedly secured illegally) really speak to his innocence. Seriously? Sounds like a seriously twisted PR piece, reminiscent of Watergate. Remember that? Impeached and in this case soon to be imprisoned. Sounds like that’s where Portantino is headed. The weakest part of this “story” is the connection, albeit extremely loose if not even feather light, to Councilmember Carl DeMaio (the self professed GAY) and boyfriend of Jonathan Hale. Which is, in actuality, the ONLY connection he has to this fluff piece of tabloid fodder. If this is journalism and reporting at its best your paper is seriously funnier than the pullout cartoons on the wrapper of bazooka gum, which by the way, was probably created about the same time your backwards views of homosexuality are rooted. Maybe you should just write, “Faggots” because that’s what your article reads like.
— June 17, 2010 1:26 p.m.

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