What am I doing in Eastlake?

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What am I doing in Eastlake?

I HATE living in Eastlake too! I am with you 100 percent! 1. I live in Eastlake and I don't Zumba. IIRC there no zumba locations in North Park or South Park or Hillcrest - right? I hope not - I prefer the Lips, Chetahs, Deja Vu locations so much more than a Zumba locations just as you do! 2. You long for or grew up with little league - so do I! I mean the hotbed for little baseball is north county. I know the Park View fans of a few years ago or the current Eastlake little league fans are non existent - since no one out here longs for little league either. I mean when Southwestern college was full of non fans a few years ago to boo the Park View team for winning the local sandlot tournament - it was all the city folk laughing at our have not teams. I was so wishing I lived with the really good baseball areas up north that you speak of! 3. I hate the Moms have to dress up to go to work and drop their kids off at school first too! I would prefer to live in the city where no one bathes too! I am sure Eastlake is the only neighborhood with stay at home moms! It is amazing that some of these moms wear exercise clothes - don't they know that exercise clothes are for the men only in Hillcrest!!! I agree with you - if you don't dress like a St. Vincent de Paul resident, don't take your kids to school. 4. The worst part of Eastalke is the crime and homelessness rate - I mean ANY area north of National City is far more safe than Eastlake! 5. I agree I go to the city to avoid people in large sunglasses! 6. When I move out of Eastlake I am sure the few friends I have will go visit me in North County everyday. I mean if it takes an hour to go south on the 805 - it only takes 5 minutes going north. That is the best part of living in the city or the north county - NO Freeway traffic! 7. I too hate all those city landscapers! I mean I love the trash city areas so much better too! 8. Palm trees galors - yuck! Associations yuck! Thankfully no palm trees in the city! No HOA's in the high rise buildings either! I prefer when the citizens put their own stop signs to stop traffic near schools but they self police themselves. 9. The view of the lights or the view of the other suburb - despicable. Would rather see the views of the neighborhoods bordering Petco Park anyday! 10. I agree Kearny Mesa is sooo much newer, nicer, non traffic, non strip mall, so urban community I could find too! I mean you can go have lunch at several urban areas that have "no touch" zones that are so much better than zumba! 11. The ONLY suburban city in San Diego that DOES NOT RESEMBLE New York is Eastlake! Hilcrest and Kearny Mesa are as close to New York as actually being there!
— August 5, 2013 3:52 p.m.

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