Mission Bay turf wars

There is no such city code that prohibits citizens from wearing cleats (for safety) while playing soccer, football, or freebee football, with a few friends. If the reason for such drastic actions on the ranger's part is the potential damage to the turf then there are some inconsistencies with this. In the 23 years that I have been playing soccer at Ski Beach Saturday mornings thee has not been any issues with the turf. San Diego citizens show up and play a few pickup games, socialize, exercise, enjoy their park, and for the most part have gone home by noon. If you visit the area you will not find damaged turf because it is not the case and there is no past occurrences where there has been an issue... in 20 + years. If the turf area of Ski Beach is so sensitive as to persecute those wearing cleats, why allow 4 days of RV vehicle parking on that very grass for events such as San Diego Bay Fair, which allows the whole turf area to become an RV parking lot for 4 days. (see this site) That seems very inconsistent with the enforcement of a vague standard against cleats and seems arbitrary. This seems like one ranger's over reaction at least and at most some sort of bias against the persons who play soccer and other sports there. We are also tax paying citizens and should be able to participate in healthy activities without harassment. Also, is Park and Rec going to enforce this throughout the city? Will parents have to purchase turf shoes for their 5 year old daughter who practices at the local park or risk a citation?
— February 16, 2013 2:32 p.m.

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