Aguirre To Announce Wednesday That He Will Run for Second Term

Johnny Vegas says "...[M]ike been working on it for close to 4 years..." What Johnny Vegas fails to mention in his spin is Mike Aguirre, City Attorney, has lost at each court he has argued in. Oh sure, he's appealing, once again, this time to the Cal.Supreme Court where he'll lose again costing SD Taypayers precious tax dollars. When he's not losing in court, Mr. Aguirre is busy writing interim reports. One of his latest, Number 28, he theorizes that the Federal Gov;t needs to watch all pensions. Not just those in the private sector. Well it's nice to have 20/20 hindsight, and it's nice toss as many legal theories on the wall as you can, hoping one or two might stick. But simply put it's not professional. In fact, Mr. Aguirre's antics have, in fact, cost the city potentially millions of dollars. By delaying the draft of an enabling ordinance, Mr. Aguirre has created doubt as to when benefits were curtailed to "new hires". His incompetence has caused the Mayor to hire outside counsel at hundreds of dollars an hour, to ask for declaratory relief from the courts. In other words, get the court to tell the city and the employees when the rules changed. This is but one example of the recklessness of Mr. Aguirre while running the City Attorney's Office into the ground. He says his office is to defend their to defend the public interest. All I want to know is; Where in the City Charter does it say that? If he wants to defend the public's Interest, maybe he should consider some pro bono work for UCAN or like groups. As for Johnny V.... Mike, with a spokespeople like him and BBH, you can't go wrong!
— March 4, 2008 12:15 p.m.

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