Star Trek

The Future not only "Begins" with the New Star Trek movie but I predict it's the start of another long run. My first take was "they did their homework". That is so important in the making of any movie. If you do your homework you will get an "A" or 5 Stars, ditto. The young Kirk played by Chris Pine was quite incredible, not to mention all the other cast members all starting out at a young age, what a movie. The only slightly older actor Karl Urban played the part of Leonard "Bones" McCoy, who was older in the original TV series, thus reflected in this new movie. Karl is from Doom and Lord of the Rings fame. We are almost talking about kids, where Chekov is 17, played by Anton Yelchin who is actually 20, so that's pretty close, I've always loved Anton in his entire young career and he is in fact an immigrant from Russia. Then the perfectly chosen Spock who is played by Zachary Quinto (where did they find this guy?) wow!, the young Spock couldn't have been better. At 32 he looks remarkably young; this is a good thing for this part. Sulu is also well casted and played by John Cho from Harold & Kumar fame among other movies. I really liked Bruce Greenwood’s roll as Captain Christopher Pike, very well placed roll. I can’t leave out Captain Robau of the Enterprise played by Faran Tahir, San Diego’s own. Then there’s Uhura played by Zoe Seldana who was quite romantic with Spock that might have shocked some hardcore Trekies. Scotty’s role is played by Simon Pegg the hot headed British actor and does the perfect job of Scotty. If you are the slightest Star Trek fan you won’t be disappointed. JJ Abrams directed this one which should bring him up the ladder in directing. I almost forgot you will love Leonard Nimoy playing the future Spock. This movie just makes you happy that’s all I can say about it. I’ve seen it twice now and will worth it.
— May 8, 2009 2:49 p.m.

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