DeVerna Rogers

There Is No San Diego River

The San Diego River has actually been serving the people San Diego for over 8,000 years, not 2,000 years. What other feature in our lovely region could lay claim to that? Without our river we would not have had the San Diego that we love today. Our county is named after the river and Old Town grew up along it's banks. Unfortunately it has become one of the more polluted waterways in the U.S. and it runs right along our schools, playing fields, homes, churches etc. How can we continue to let that happen? You can't have a healthy community without a healthy river. It's truly appalling, we are a first world city with a 3rd world river running right through the middle of it. The San Diego River is historically, culturally and ecologically significant. It's referred to as California's first river as dicovered by Europeans. San Diego itself, including the San Diego River is home to more bio-diversity than any other county on the U.S. mainland. There are more unique species of flora and fauna here than anywhere else. As such, our region is prone to more extinction than any other county. That extinction is real and is hapening right now in Mission Valley, in Santee, right by your house or your favorite shopping center. Fortunately, there are like minded people out there who are no longer going to sit down and let our river be abused and neglected. I am thrilled that people are giving a voice to our river and working to make it healthy again. I urge you to do an internet search on the San Diego River and see how you can get involved. How exciting that we will soon have a river park and trail where you can walk or ride your bike from OB to Julian, going through Mission Valley, through Mission Trails Regional Park up to our beautiful mountains. The river park will be a world class destination and will be a great tourist draw on par with Balboa Park, the Zoo and other local attractions on which so much of our economy depends. Parts of the trail and river park exist right now and are waiting for you to explore and discover parts of our county you may not know exist. It's time to take back our river and return the love it has given to us.
— October 23, 2008 10:23 a.m.

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