Confessions of a Phony Navy Wife

I too knew this person, served with her and some of the people commenting on here. I agree that what happened shouldn't have, she should have kept her mouth shut. But in her division things were blown up all the time. This story is NOT 100% true. She was not an example to follow. And now she is twisting facts and truths. 1. Its 1000 baht for 4hours, I didn’t use this service, but trust me I know a lot that did. 2. She created a lot of her own problems, she was stupid from the get go, look at her job, undesignated, only people who get suckered or are a rock, don't get an A and/or C school. 3. She wasn't getting the attention that the rest of the young single girls aboard HIGGINS were getting. If somebody would have given her some, she would have never written this. 4. There were many times that i waited for cabs, and it never cost $5, try $20. Transportation overseas was always and issue. 5. She was jealous of the "sluts" that the "cheating married men" and single sailors would look at. It’s plain to see in her opening statements. If you are going to blast the HIGGINS crew, blame yourself for being a loud mouth, marrying a possible gay man( later confirmed to be straight), bragging about it, and daring people to do something to you. There are plenty of good people on that crew, and now you put suspicion and worry in the hearts of the faithful men and women that were home, supporting us out there. You are a family wrecker, maybe someone should give her attention, so she quits twisting stories and trying to hurt people. You are still the retard you were back on the ship.
— May 12, 2008 8:50 a.m.

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