They Carry Guns

I almost forgot this food for thought (for people like TM... I'm former military too, by the way. I guess that makes me one of those people our homeland security secretary would consider a likely terrorist.) The second amendment is the one that guarantees us the other nine. None of the other amendments do that. If you don't think our other freedoms are under greater threat without the protection the 2nd amendment offers, you have your head in the sand. A gun is nothing more than a tool. Any number of dangerous tools are in most of our garages. But with skill and care, we use these dangerous tools everyday to great effect in improving our lives and earning a living. Why is it so difficult a leap for people to see guns in the same way they see a reciprocating saw or a car or any other tool that has potential for great harm if used incorrectly or irresponsibly? If you're not an idiot when you're behind the wheel, you should be able to drive. Same goes for a gun. Your right should be protected until you prove yourself unworthy of the responsibility. That's the American way, folks. If you don't like the feeling of "insecurity" that gives you, perhaps you aren't cut out to handle the responsibility of the freedom you are given as an American citizen. There are far "safer" countries you can go to all over the world. Just remember that America was founded by people who would rather die free than live in a blanket of "security" provided by a powerful government that tells you how you may live.
— July 23, 2009 5:36 p.m.

They Carry Guns

A few thoughts: for #39: Gang members don't use legal open carry because they are criminals and don't usually engage in behavior that may bring extra public or police scrutiny. They also often are not legally in possession of their firearms to begin with! The law-abiding citizens who are exercising their right to open carry are legal gun owners who have to pass a safety course mandated by the state of California before they can even purchase their legal firearm. Contrast that with criminals who illegally obtain their weapon and who are likely very unsafe in their handling of it. Enforce the laws on the books with regard to criminal activity but don't punish responsible gun owners who are fighting the good fight to keep their right to keep and bear arms. A word on the 2nd amendment language: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." Here's my "translation" into clearer, modern English: "Because it is necessary for the United States to have a regular army to protect the people, we will not prevent citizens from having firearms [to protect themselves from abuses by said army and the government]." Consider what the founders and the continental army had just been through in order to guarantee the freedom of their children and future generations of Americans. They had to fight an army that was trying to take their ability to defend themselves away from them! One of the first things the British did to set off open hostilities in the year 1775 was to attempt to confiscate ammunition from the continentals! Gun control works very effectively in controlling people, just ask the victims of the nazis, the soviets and just about any other place where individual liberty is less than it is in the USA.
— July 23, 2009 5:26 p.m.

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